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Karnatik Vocal


In ancient texts, the region south of the Vindhyas is sometimes referred to as Karnatakam. This, perhaps, is from where Karnatik music, the classical music of south India, gets its name. The word ‘Karnatik’ can also be interpreted as coming from the Sanskrit root ‘karneshuatathi’or that which is pleasing to the ear.  Karnatik music has remained relatively immune to influences from Persia and Central Asia, which played a significant role in shaping North Indian classical music, and hence, can be considered a more homogeneous Indian tradition. Built on the basic pillars of raga (melodic framework) and tala (rhythm cycle), the Karnatik music repertoire is developed around the various compositions of music created by prolific composers through the ages.   

Learn how to master the fundamentals like Varases, Geethe, Varnams, Kritis and Manodharma Sangeetham through the diploma program of 5 years that IME offers in karnatik music. This program handholds a student from the foundational aspects and progresses through various levels such as Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels of learning.

Group classes at the IME and online one-to-one classes are offered for this course, which are handled by expert faculty members.

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